(The Mirage)

Marichika is an intriguing account of a soulful efforts by a hangman to save a victim... sentenced to death by hanging. The placate soul of the hangman is put through turbulence and unrest by the brash and nonchalant provocations of the young convict... who is more than ready to embrace death.

Life begets death and so it has been. Middle-aged Hori wears death on his face as a hangman... a profession that handed down to him in lineage. He institutes it with perfection, making him the official hangman of the jail situated along the precincts of this central Indian township. The area that he hails from bears a cold and weary look, all along stamping it with an eeriness of this cold death meted out to the convicts, condemned to hanging.

The unusual trait of act of his life is often ridiculed by the people living around him. He is not perturbed though. He is a man of wisdom... his knowledge is his way of life – not to impress but to negotiate the milieu called life... He speaks his mind, but unfortunately does not find the respect. He is a loner...

Kumar, a 24-years young man is convicted of murdering his uncle for a property dispute. He has lived with his mother since his childhood in their ancestral property. He suspects his uncle for his father’s death. He loves his cousin Malavika. But wants her to get rid of the stain of her father...

In a bizarre state of development, Hori comes close to Kumar. It is a revelation for him. Changes Hori’s behavior abruptly – it changes his equation with his wife as well. Happiness seems coming back to Hori’s life but he is adamant on not applying for clemency, which he says is like a greater death for him. Hori tries hard to change his stubbornness. Hori realizes, Kumar does not deserve death. Saving Kumar from impending death will be the greatest bliss for him but all goes in vain... They only keep talking – thesis and antithesis – become their journey towards eternity.

Hori administers him some thoughts which according to Kumar, made him see his life for the first time... Kumar is in loss of word... He desires to say some thing more... now he expects more from Hori. But it’s too late now.

Hori has to administer his duty a hangman and he does it with perfection. Hori reads out the Holy Gita to Kumar just before the hanging, as his last wishes... and the hanging is done.Hari is new man now. He left the job of hanging for good – brimming with newer lease of life, as Kumar inflicted in him and his family... as if Kumar is now manifested in to the new dawn to his life...

A rare deliberation of a hangman and a condemned convict in thoughtful and imaginative conversation... Marichika attempts to raise questions pertaining to various institutions in life, morals, marriage and salvation that decide redundant falsehoods and the ultimate truth.

What the soul seeks is a mystery and what the eyes see is a mirage... MARICHIKA.

TITLE : MARICHIKA (Working title)
DURATION : 100-MIN (Approximately)