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Amrit Kumbh (In Search of Immortality) - Under Production
A Hindi / English feature film (An Indo-US co-production venture) 4 Oscar winning crews are working in the film with a leading Hollywood star as the principle protagonist of the film.

Gora - Hindi Feature Film (Project Development)
A captivating love story at the heart of caste divided complex social fabrics of British Bengal in early 20th century. (The first written novel of Rabindranath Tagore to be adapted in cinema on his 150th Birth Anniversary).

Devi - Hindi Feature Film (Project Develpment)
(* Selected at Monaco Literature adaptation Co Production Summit- 2009)
A surreal tale of a lower caste young girl becoming a dacoit and her eventual transformation in to the messiah of thousands of poor farmers against the exploitation of the nexus of British ruler & the upper caste landlords. (Based on the Timeless novel DEV CHAUDHURANI by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhay)

Marichika - Hindi Feature Film (Pre-Prodcution)
A conversation between a convict to death and a hangman…

Juhi - Hindi Feature Film (Project Development)
Story of a Hindi film mega star, living two lives – the present and the life of twenty years before – a rare split personality thriller in offing…

Indian Autumn - English Feature Film (Project Development)
(Ensemble cast from all over the world) A reunion of a Bengali middle class family in New York to celebrate biggest festival of India, the autumn festival… It is Bengal recreated, reinforced and relieved at the heartland of the modern world.

Nutan Bazar - Hindi Feature Film (Project Development)

Refulgent tale of a young girl – daughter of a prostitute from infamous red light area of Kolkata – struggles for the every bit of life… finally find herself in the London Olympic squad, representing, UK Olympic contingent.

The Man with the Spying Glasses - English Feature Film (New release)
Placit is part of a dreamless society where people have to take pills to stop dreaming and thinking too much and wear helmets just in case they have some unusual brain activity.

Dalai Lama 6th...And The Thousand Flower Bloom - English Feature Film (Project Development)
The life and philosophies of the most controversial and philanthropic Buddhist leader, Dalai Lama, the sixth – Tsangyang Gyatso (1687 – 1714)...

About 2 People - English Feature Film (Project Development)
(In association with Mayan Films, UK)
The universe creates many possibilities for Maggie and Patrick to get together but they ignore the signs until an experience in Rwanda changes Maggie and her life forever.

Fantasy Room - English Feature Film (Project Development)
(In association with Mayan Films, UK)
Karina is a witch who runs the Fantasy Room, in which mysterious powers help to fulfill everyone’s dreams and desires except her own. The story evolves around her complicated relations with her brother and her partner.



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